Long hair tibetan goat fur plate mongolian sheep fur plate

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    2005-11-25 · 系列复习题(一)——名词. ㈠、基本型. 写出下列名词的复数形式: 1. pencil-box ___________ 2. wife _______ 3. Sunday ________ 4. city ...

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    2005-7-5 · a.孤独的,寂寞的 long a.长的,远的,长久的,长期的 ad.长久,长期地 v.(for)渴望,极想 as long as/so long as只要,如果 before long不久以后 for long长久地 no longer不再,已不 look v.(at)看,望,注视;显得,好像 n.(at)看,望;外表,样子,脸色 look after照管,照料 look at看望,注视

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    He said the war against extremists bent on destroying the region would be costly, 'but less costly than for us to be slaughtered like sheep.' TXoZWQpLArFRqDv: 2015年08月15日 04:52

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